ETUI8: We are affected most by those objects that are closest to our hearts

Things we have a great interest in affect us in a special way.
Packaging is an art in itself. Or don´t you want to protect your beloved pair of glasses, your grandfather’s fountain pen or your precious contact lenses which should always be kept clean? You’ll need a robust cover. But robust doesn´t have to mean bulky and opening doesn´t mean with great effort. Florian Widmans´ patent is as simple as it is charming. It combines all these characteristics into a smooth and beautiful experience.

The result is a case built out of two semi-oval shells forming a compact object. The opening mechanism works with two twisted high performance elastic bands attached to the left and right ends, embedded in guiding grooves. Subtle details care for the precise fit of the modules and communicate a sophisticated appearance.

But the real charming moment is when you open the case. The shells can be opened from either side. With firm pressure they unroll in a smooth flow, back on back, without any interference. This flow describes the construction itself in a sensory and tactile way. A precise motion that represents the ideal ratio of flow and friction.

One of the biggest challenges is the durability of the elastic bands. Florian Widman dealt with this issue by finding the right material. The twisted bands are made for high performance applications commonly used in drive technology. Abrasion due to ageing or overuse is almost impossible.

The possibilities of usage of this swing open construction are universal and offer great comfort and durability.

Simple and beautiful objects are hard to find these days. Florian Widman redefined design excellence with this product in a sensory, functional and formal way.